OK, I LOVE the shoes!!!! And no, I'm not just saying that. Other than running too far (for not having run in minimalist shoes in awhile because of my issue with the toes coming out all the time), so my calves hurt afterward, they were awesome! They fit like a glove, I absolutely loved wearing them. I went up and down some pretty steep hills, and it had rained pretty good the day(s) before, so it was kinda muddy and slick in spots - not a problem. They gripped like nobody's business. I knew my VFF's did that, but I wasn't sure how these would do because the sole didn't feel as flexible or like it would have as much of a grip on the outside (compared to what I could feel on my VFF's), but they were awesome, even on the parts of the trail that were totally dry and loose rock, where I was really worried about slipping - not a problem! It was incredible. I also used to have a slight problem with one spot of the VFF's rubbing my ankle bone badly so that it would be extremely sore after wearing it - the material used by Body Glove is obviously much softer that I didn't have this problem at all, yet durable enough that I'm not concerned about it lasting. I was really, really excited after my run - and still am!! I've SO been wanting to post about them, I would absolutely recommend them in a heartbeat - they are definitely the shoe I've been looking for.

Sara Brown, Triathlete, Mud Runner, Mom

"Total game changer for foot protection. Bruised, cut feet are a thing of the past with the 3Ts. Foot protection without sacrifice of feel for the board. Surfing, distance races, and beach running, these shoes work great."

Ryan Brown, Covewater Paddle Surf

Living in South West Florida, I am very active in the water, surfing and Stand Up Paddling (SUPing). I own a mobile Stand Up Paddle (SUP) business in which I introduce people to the world of SUP. For the last 4-5 years I have been giving private lessons and guided tours in the back waters of Florida. The biggest question I am asked from my clients is, “What should I wear on my feet?” Since the comfort of the feet is a big deal for most people I started to do a little research.

First and foremost, products that I promote to my clients have to be something I truly believe in. So for the last couple years I have been in search of a water shoe that provides protection to my feet, but doesn’t take away from the feel of being barefoot. I have tried booties and the different five toe shoes, but nothing seemed to have the feel that I was looking for. One of the biggest problems I see in most water shoes is the thickness of the soles, which gives you less feel on your board. A couple other problems are the difficulty in putting the shoes on, the fit of the shoe (loose or to tight) and water being trapped in the shoe. I hate the feel of my foot swishing around loosely in my water shoes. Most of the water shoes out on the market are not durable and start to deteriorate from the exposure to the elements.

Recently Body Glove came out with a new product called the 3T Barefoot. I was lucky enough to be able to get a pair just as they hit the market. This water shoe in my opinion, by far, is one of the leading water shoes out there. Not only do they look great, but I feel good wearing them because of the low profile look. This shoe has a 3 toe design, which I like better than the 5 toe because they are easier to slip on. Also, the 3 toe has less separation between each toe which gives you that natural barefoot feel. The soles are thinner, so I have more feel on my Stand Up Paddle board while I am surfing or just cruising the flats. Even though the soles are thinner, they still provide the protection you need over sharp objects. The material around the top of your foot is very soft and fits snug with only one velcro strap on each shoe. The comfort is a must for me and I don’t like having a bunch of velcro straps hanging off the shoe. One of the coolest things I like about the shoe is the mesh drain on the bottom of the sole. This keeps the water from staying in the shoe. All together this shoe gives me that barefoot feel I was looking for and lives up to its name!

One of the things I found in researching Body Glove is the fact that they have been in the water sports world for decades! They not only make some of the best wetsuits and surf products around, but they have athletes that test their products in the elements that the product is designed for. Companies such as Fila and Vibram were not originally rooted in the water sports world, and have not had the expertise that Body Glove possesses. So I ask you this question, “Do you want to wear a water shoe made from a water sports company?” Or “Do you want to wear a water shoe made from a land sports company?” I have made my decision, I will stick with the company that lives for the water, trains in water, and designs water shoes for some of the best watermen and ladies of the world. My water shoe of choice is 3T Barefoot, made by Body Glove!

Damien Grafmyre, XtremeLife Sports